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About & Help
ButterflySims (for short: B-fly Sims) is a professional website about making hairstyles in The Sims. In January 2011, the website was established, committed to provide personalized hairstyles for the SIMS players. "ButterflySims" comes from the merger of Butterfly and Sims.And it represents the pursuit of personalized hairstyles.

If you have any question, please contact me. 
E-mail: butterflysims2@hotmail.com

How to become a member
If you wanna join us,follow the steps.
1. Open our homepage(http://www.butterflysims.com/).Click the Register button with a red border.

2. Enter the web site registration page.You can see the two information option.
Necessary information with a red border Need be filled out completely.
Other Information with a green border is optional content.
Then click the Register button with a blue border. Registration is complete.

3. The page will go to the home page and you will be in the member login status.
You can edit the information, become a VIP(Donation) and exit.

How to become a VIP.

To become a VIP,you must register as a member first.

Methods one:
1.Click the Donation link in the login status.

2.Choose a suitable VIP mode. Then Click Buy Now button. After Paypal donation,you will be the VIP.

Methods two:
1. Make sure you are logged in members.
2.Click the Paypal button with a red border.

3. Go to page PayPal interface. Click the picture with a red border.

4. Choose a suitable VIP mode. Then Click Buy Now button. After Paypal donation,you will be the VIP.

We have used the SiteLock features of BlueHost to ensure the security of user information.To compensate for two-day visit, we make the following decisions.1.Increase the current time for the VIP. If you are a VIP 2 months, we will extend the time for the 15 days of VIP; if you are a VIP for three months, six months and one year, we will extend the one-month VIP.2.We also put some of the original contributions hairstyle free for everyone to download.

We have used the disqus comment system.

Help documentation about how to becaome a members and how to become VIP was be added.

Links of SinsWork by S-Club was be added in homepage.Modify some webpage details.